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Goods Return and Credit Policy

a) Any request for goods return/credit notes must be made within 7 days of initial receipt of order. Including but not limited to non-receipt of goods invoiced.
b) All requests for credit must be initiated via the Customer Service team/Sales team
c) Any product deemed faulty or/and within warranty period must be claimed 30 days from initial receipt of goods and proof of purchase supplied. (Ensuring that all serial numbers are recorded on paperwork for tool warranty issues.)
d) Any additional goods returned outside original goods return notification will not be included. Items will be quarantined, and notification will be issued to the client for further details or a request to collect within 5 working days.
e) If additional items are not collected within the above-mentioned days, the client will forfeit any claim to goods & goods will be scrapped.
f) Drillcut will not accept the return on any item that is classified as a “special order” or “made to order” product.
g) If the returned goods are outside the supplier’s error and/or faulty a restocking fee will be applied to said credit note, valuing 15% of the cost of the goods returned and a transport fee (if applicable) will be applied.
h) Any goods returned which are deemed beyond sellable condition or in any other state of immediate re-sell condition, may either carry a repair fee or the claim rejected. Clients will be notified with proof of condition and outcome within 5 working days.
i) Any products returned to the supplier without prior notification is not the responsibility of the supplier and the client agrees by doing so, may result in lost credit.
j) Drillcut will not accept any goods that are not accompanied by a Credit note return form or a reference to the credit note number displayed on the product.