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Our Brands

Velox is our suite of piping systems, which we believe to be the best of its type anywhere in the world. The Velox product suite comprises of the Veltanium Compression Sleeve Water Piping System, the Velpex Gas Crimp Piping System, the Velpress Copper Press-Fit-Connection System and Velox Copper Pipe.

Veltanium is a universal compression sleeve jointing system that is easy to inspect and permanently sealed without the need for an O-ring. Velpex is a flexible interchangeable water and gas pipe system offering unlimited possibilities. The Velpress Press-Fit Connection system is fast and easy to install, and is failsafe, providing peace of mind. Velox copper pipes are designed to be strong and reliable and are fully compatible with our Velpress and V-Weld ranges of fittings.


Foilflex a premium performance pipe insulation offering lower installation costs and maximum energy savings, Foilflex is a preformed closed cell physically crosslinked polyolefin foam tube insulation with reinforced foil facing for steel, plastic and copper pipes.

Combining a sound absorbing rubber and foil composite mass layer with a fire retardant, Soundflex ensures significant noise reduction on pipes. Available in five sizes and the only product of its kind that comes pre-cut, installation couldn’t be easier – simply wrap and tape.

ISO Clips a double screw clamp for suspending all pipes with a unique rubber insulation design to prevent rolling and binding. Unmatched performance for all pipes including: PVC, HDPE, Copper, Steel and PEX

Designed to significantly save time and reduce complexity and waste on major plumbing projects, the In-A-Box series currently comprises three core products. Custom solutions are available for all three products and can be built to specification as required.

The Hob-In-A-Box inserts into any bathroom and includes frame complete with cistern and necessary piping.

Ideal for apartment developments, the Manifold-In- A-Box can host up to 12 branches. It requires no hotworks permits and is available with open or threaded connection points.

The Puddle Flange Floorwaste-In- A-Box is an all in one fire collar and recessed puddle flange that can be installed in seconds. Stocked to suit 160mm or 180mm slab heights, it eliminates messy processes and reduces the need for unnecessary lengths of PVC pipe on site.

Our range of gas powered Cobra drills and punch guns will make getting the job done a lot easier and faster. Made with the finest components, the Cobra range comes with our five year limited warranty.

Our Q-Flex range of cable locks are a fast and reliable way to suspend all mechanical mechanical services, with the added advantage of easy adjustability for the perfect level every time. Q-Flex is rated to hold up to 180kg, and comes with a complete range of accessories.

Drillcut have partnered with Snap® to stock the highest quality fire stop product on the market which you now have access to.
All tested for regulatory bodies and all installations, our fire stop products will no let you down on your next project.
All Snap® Fire Products are rigorously tested to make sure they work to the relevant standard and adhere to all government regulations.