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About Us

Drillcut is a family-owned business providing market-leading, high quality products and customised solutions to the construction industry all along the eastern seaboard.

Founded in 1988, We supply plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and fire products and services to the construction industry. We thrive on meeting the needs of our customers through providing market-leading products and service, and continuously thinking of new ways to get the job done better. We don’t just supply our clients, we partner with them. We collaborate with them on new ideas and innovative solutions to help future-proof and grow their business.

Over 30 years of expertise enables us to provide advice to our customers on what product or system is best suited to a particular project. Our strong customer relationships are built on our commitment to ensuring our customers have the best products to meet their needs, no matter what the challenge.

You can count on Drillcut for:
a reliable, honest and responsive service
strong product knowledge from our team
our innovative products with performance guarantees
competitive pricing
prompt same-day delivery