As a national enterprise, we at Drillcut are committed to running our business with integrity and with care for both the social and environmental aspect of our operations. It goes without saying, that a healthy and friendly environment promoting equality not only increases happiness, but also productivity, benefiting all parties involved with our company.

More important now than ever before is our attitude toward environmental impact. Therefore, Drillcut has developed a green initiative that ensures we operate in a sustainable manner. In accordance, our offices have implemented an array of energy-saving devices, while our ‘Eco Safe’ logo indicates products that have been manufactured according to environmentally sound practices.

We pride ourselves on upholding moral and ethical standards, with the motivation of securing the satisfaction of our staff and in turn our customers.

Our passion is in ‘doing good business’ and we believe that there need not be an inconsistency between being a successful organisation and, at the same time, operating in a manner that has a positive impact on both society and the environment.